Attn all Drivers

Say No to the trucking monitor device contact the federal panel here to be heard!submitComment;D=EPA-HQ-OAR-2014-0827-0002 Is your company not in compliance with The truth in Federal leasing laws? . Does your company charge you for items not listed in your contract. If you do not get a copy of the completed bill to validate your income then you can bet your bottom dollar there hiding something. Always get something sent to you in an email never trust a phone conversation only, keep the complaints coming drivers. submit your blog to us under submit an complaint let the world know what your companies are doing, So that it would be harder for companies to get drivers and remember just because you signed there contract Companies must follow the truth in federal leasing laws. To all household drivers are you tired of hauling firm binding shipments The weight going over and you not getting paid for it Here is a simple idea install a digital scale and when you reach your weight do not put any more on the truck

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